Day Family

My son Duncan died by suicide February 13, 1992 in Edmonton. He had just turned sixteen. Duncan was a great kid, but he got in with the wrong crowd, started stealing and getting into trouble. The day Duncan died he had said to his friend “I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.” I found him on the garage floor by the car, with the car running and the car door open. In his note he thanked us for all the wonderful things we had done for him and he said that he loved us. He had been pawning my jewelry for money for drugs. He was overwhelmed by all the trouble he was in.

My son Colin was 10 years older than Duncan. Colin started doing drugs. As a young boy Colin had trouble in school and with stealing. He had trouble getting jobs but he was very kind and so loving. He battled addictions and his death was said to be an accidental overdose.

I had excellent help right away. I took a Survivors of Suicide course though Bereaved Families, plus I had a lot of friends and family support. You’re never the same and you think about it at strange times. It’s been very hard on my daughter and my other son. They’ve never really grieved properly. My family lost two loving sons, and two loving brothers.
Susan Day