Radio host struggled with inner demons

The London Free Press, September 9, 2013, Ian Gillespie

Very few people are prepared to talk about (suicide), because as it stands now, there are always going to be people who condemn when someone talks about experiencing mental illness,” he says. “But by talking about it, people can start to understand it.”

His words echo the message of the Lifting the Silence Memorial Walk slated for Tuesday evening in Victoria Park: The theme of that event is Stigma: A major barrier to suicide prevention.

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Tide turning on suicide stigma in London

Metro News. September 12, 2013, Scott Taylor.

It’s one of the last frontiers — the stigma many feel uncomfortable discussing and one that too often ends tragically.

To contradict a once-popular song, suicide isn’t painless. Not by a long shot.

Yet one of the easiest and most effective ways to save someone is talking to them, to ask them questions and really listen to them.

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Prendergast Family

It happened on a Friday in November, 2009. I came home from work to find Shawn’s car in the driveway and the house unusually quiet. Our only child Shawn had died of suicide at 18 years of age. His suicide note said simply “I’m sorry”, but it is us, his parents and family who are so sorry that we could not help him find his way out of his depression. Continue reading “Prendergast Family”