Beautiful World by Paul Luftenegger

London musician Paul Luftenegger hopes his music will inspire people to overcome adversity and find strength within themselves.

Overcoming adversity and creating healing through music.

By Sean Meyer London Community News – Metroland Media

Paul Luftenegger knows a lot about facing adversity and finding the strength to not only overcome it, but even prosper from it.

The primary tool Luftenegger, 35, has used to overcome all the adversity he has had to cope with has been music. Having released his second album, Worthy, on Feb. 29, Luftenegger is hoping his music will not only continue to feed his own soul, but also the souls of those who hear and feel the impact he can create when sitting at the piano.

“Music has always been in the background. I started playing the piano when we moved to London (from St. Thomas when he was eight years old),” Luftenegger said. “My mom was always the pusher of music. And I have to say, it has been the best blessing I ever had in my life as an outlet to create.”

As a gay man, as a married man, as an entrepreneur, and as someone who has had to cope with the suicide of his father at age 56, Luftenegger knows what it is to face obstacles.

His father’s death on March 6, 2011 was perhaps the biggest obstacle Luftenegger said he has ever had to cope with. Luftenegger says a grief counsellor who worked with the family at that time proved quite helpful, teaching him that choices have to be made and that through being open and honest about his experiences would encourage the healing process.