Assessing for Suicide in Kids Workshop

This one day workshop challenges commonly held notions about children’s capacity to consider suicide. It facilitates awareness of the signs that a young child may be at risk and what is needed to help. Designed for those working with kids between the ages of 5-14.


  • A research based definition of suicidality in children.
  • How a child’s understanding of death is linked to suicide risk.
  • Key questions helpers need to ask a child to assess risk.
  • Learn through lecture, discussion, video, case studies.
  • Personality traits commonly seen in children at risk.
  • How to talk with a child about death and suicide.
  • How to align with parents and others who can create safety.

Learning objectives:

  • recognize how a child’s understandings of death and suicide may be implicated in risk;
  • become aware of the ways children at risk of suicide communicate the need for help;
  • recognize factors that may increase suicide risk and those that may mitigate it;
  • know how to work with both in order to formulate the basis of a plan for safety;
  • recognize the need to enlist the support of others to create safety.

Participants of The “ASK” Workshop leave better equipped to reduce the risk of suicide and enlist help for young children.

The “ASK” Workshop process
The “ASK” Workshop successfully blends a variety of teaching and learning modalities including mini-lecture, Socratic dialogue, video, small group work, and case studies. Led by one facilitator, from 12 to 36 participants can comfortably work through the material together.

Participants will receive:

  • A workbook
  • Caregiver tool
  • Wallet card
  • Certificate

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