This 3.5 hour workshop is only for people with a valid ASIST 11 or 11.1 certificate.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Tune-Up is a half-day refresher course developed by LivingWorks Education for participants who have completed ASIST. The workshop offers participants an opportunity to review the Pathway for Assisting Life Model, discuss successes and challenges in using the model, and clarify concepts covered within the model.

It is recommended that you take an ASIST TuneUP between year 2 and 3 of your original ASIST training (or sooner if you have not had an opportunity to use the model often) to refresh and practice your life saving skills.  

Learning Objectives

  • Review or complete learning from the ASIST
  • Test, examine or review how ASIST is applied in the real world
  • Share their experiences in applying the ASIST
  • Recapture the feeling of a caring community validating the necessity of self care and the importance of having resources


The ASIST Tune-Up workshop is designed for professionals, caregivers, and individuals who may work or be in contact with people-at-risk for suicide and who have taken the two day ASIST 11 or 11.1 workshop. Proof of prior ASIST attendance is required to attend the ASIST Tune-Up.

Question and Answer

Does my ASIST certificate expire?

No, your ASIST certificate does not expire but LivingWorks suggests that it would be best practice to take a Tune-Up between years 2 and 3 just to make sure your skills can still promote safety and for confidence.

What should I do if I am not sure what version of ASIST I have?

Please email us at and we will help you determine your ASIST version.

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