100 Men Who Care London choose LMSPC

Photo left to right: Rob Crosby, Al Desrochers (100 Men), Lynda Cowie, Catherine McInnes, Charlene Foster, Marion Whitfield (LMSPC), Michael Koenig, Bob Porter (100 Men)

100 Men Who London choose the London-Middlesex Suicide Prevention Council as their June 2014 quarterly donor recipient.

In June 2014, 100 Men Who Care member Bob Porter delivered a passionate plea to 100 Men Who Care London at their quarterly meeting requesting the group consider LMSPC as their June 2014 donor recipient.

Bob’s message was heard loud and clear and the 100 Men Who Care membership voted to select LMSPC as the recipient of their quarterly donation. On July 30, 2014 several members of 100 Men joined LMSPC at the Goodwill Building 255 Horton Street for the official presentation. LMSPC received more than $11,000 to fund the Council’s activities in the coming year.

A big THANK YOU to 100 Men!

To read Bob’s full presentation click here.

“100 Men Who Care London was founded by Michael Koenig, Rob Brown, Mark Mohan, Al Desrochers, Rob Crosby and Jeff Petrie. The goal is to channel the resources of the men in the community to help local charities. Following the simple and impactful model of 100 Women, this chapter intends to collect the greatest amount of donations in the most efficient way possible.”