Hope and Healing

This is a place to share stories and creative works to express hope and recovery in memory of loved ones.

Beautiful World by Paul Luftenegger

London musician Paul Luftenegger hopes his music will inspire people to overcome adversity and find strength within themselves. Continue Reading

Day Family

My son Duncan died by suicide February 13, 1992 in Edmonton. He had just turned sixteen. Duncan was a great kid, but he got in with the wrong crowd, started stealing and getting into trouble. Continue Reading

Prendergast Family

It happened on a Friday in November, 2009. I came home from work to find Shawn’s car in the driveway and the house unusually quiet. Our only child Shawn had died of suicide at 18 years of age. His suicide note said simply “I’m sorry”, but it is us, his parents and family who are so sorry that we could not help him find his way out of his depression. Continue Reading

Clinker Family

The Universality of Suicide

I have the privilege of being the adoptive mom of two courageous young men who have battled not only many years without a forever family but also the powerful genetic risks of severe mental illness. Tall athletic Ken lost his battle to the voices at age 19, in 1997. Continue Reading

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